Friends of Snodgrass Mountain

We're closing the website in early/mid December 2022. Stay in touch through our Facebook page and contact us there if you have any questions.



Lift-Free Forever!

About Snodgrass Mountain


Snodgrass Mountain (11,142') sits in the Elk Mountains of Gunnison County, Colorado, slightly northwest of Crested Butte Mountain in Mount Crested Butte. It offers a plethora of outdoor recreation opportunities for all skill levels. Its terrain is accessible to hikers, mountain bikers, and flower peepers in the warm months and snowshoers and off-piste skiers in the winter.

about Friends of Snodgrass


Friends of Snodgrass Mountain (FOSM) was a group of concerned citizens who came together to support a Snodgrass Mountain free of ski lifts and ski operations proposed by Crested Butte Mountain Resort in 2009.


FOSM believed Snodgrass should remain in public hands and was concerned about the negative impacts that a Snodgrass ski operation would have on our community. Key supporters of a lift-free Snodgrass created Friends of Snodgrass Mountain as a way for like-minded people to come together in a more organized fashion and advocate to the National Forest Service to keep Snodgrass free of ski operations.


FOSM is no longer active in promoting a lift-free Snodgrass. After the November 2009 decision from the NFS denying Crested Butte Mountain Resort's application, FOSM no longer needed to promote the cause.


The website exists to provide information about the 2009 proposal from CBMR. Information will be added as the web master has time to add it.


The web master is a friend of a lift-free Snodgrass and has chosen to maintain the site for historical purposes.