Friends of Snodgrass Mountain

Our Mission

Friends of Snodgrass Mountain aims to protect and preserve the current undeveloped state of a lift-free, publicly owned Snodgrass Mountain. As stewards of our public lands, it is our responsibility to preserve these lands now and for generations to come. We believe that Snodgrass Mountain is more beneficial to our economy, our quality of life, and our environment without ski lifts. 

Photo: Xavier Fane

Preserve Wildlife Species, Habitat, and Migratory Corridors

By safeguarding habitat for numerous wildlife species including lynx, goshawk, chorus frog, tiger salamander, willow flycatcher, and the Gunnison sage grouse, not to mention elk, mule deer, black bear, and local bird and rodent species.

Protect Our Economy and Open Space

By retaining valuable open space and view sheds.

Protect Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

By maintaining undisturbed habitat for its ongoing scientific study and education of this internationally renowned, high-altitude research facility.

Protect Air Quality and Watershed Integrity

By preventing an increase in vehicular traffic in the Upper East River Valley and reducing noise and light polution from a developed ski operation; and by eliminating a major logging operation that could permanently affect in-stream flows and fish habitat in the East River.

Preserve Backcountry Access and Use

By retaining free public access for thousands of residents and visitors during all seasons.