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Did You Know?
Did you know that CBMR’s proposed Snodgrass expansion would have lots more Black Diamond and Double Black Diamond terrain than either Blue or Green, according to their 2009 Master Development Plan (MDP)? Not only that, but most of Snodgrass' Blue runs would be really steep Blues. Yet, the MDP also insists that a Snodgrass expansion should provide "an overabundance of Intermediate terrain to help make up for the existing deficit of Intermediate terrain [on Crested Butte Mountain]." What’s up with that?

Only about one-third of Snodgrass would be rated Intermediate by CBMR. And get this! Nearly three-quarters of that would be as steep as Upper Keystone. Sure, Upper Keystone is technically Intermediate, however if it was just 1% steeper, it would be a Black Diamond run not exactly what the typical Intermediate visitor is looking for. Even CBMR has described, “. . . the true terror an Intermediate skier feels going down [Upper Keystone]!² Take away that steep “Intermediate”, and Snodgrass would only provide 27 acres of what the average Intermediate skier would think of as being Intermediate. Twenty-seven acres!

CBMR’s MDP also says: "in light of (Crested Butte’s) remote location far from major metropolitan population centers and a hub airport, and its relatively limited air service, CBMR needs to offer a draw sufficiently compelling to destination skiers to overcome the access challenges." Does anybody really believe that 27 acres of average intermediate would offer a “draw sufficiently compelling” to lure skiers here to our “remote location”?

Please write to GMUG Forest Supervisor Charlie Richmond and inform him that 27 acres of Intermediate on Snodgrass expansion wouldn’t justify the massive earthwork, environmental destruction, squandering of water and energy, threat to RMBL, increased avalanche danger to Nordic skiers on Gothic Road and loss of free, year-round backcountry recreation.

USDA Forest Service
Charles Richmond
GMUG Supervisor
2250 Hwy 50
Delta, CO 81416

Chuck Shaw for
Friends of Snodgrass Mountain, LLC

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