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Before a proposal is accepted into NEPA (National Environmental Policy Act), it must go through Pre-NEPA. There seems to be a lot of confusion and mis-information surrounding Pre-NEPA, so we put this together to help you figure it out. This information is readily available to anyone researching the subject.

Essentially, a project seeking Special Use Authorization on National Forest lands shall pass through a two-level screening process (pre-NEPA) prior to entering a full environmental review (NEPA). CBMR's Snodgrass Proposal did not make it through the second level of screening for numerous reasons, including limitations of the mountain for lift-served skiing (geology, terrain, avalanches, backcountry access); difficult skier access from Crested Butte Mountain; ecological values of a roadless area; suitable lynx habitat; adverse effects on RMBL and adjacent private lands; Community/Social/Economic effects; and a divided community.
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Pre-NEPA responsibilities of CBMR and the Forest Service as described in a 2004 CBMR/Forest Service Planning document
Pre-NEPA rationale in "So What's With Snodgrass", by John Norton (Gunnisonn Country Times, 1/13/05)
Charlie Richmond, GMUG Forest Supervisor, explaines Pre-NEPA and welcomed citizen comment
The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) outlines the Pre-NEPA process
The unsuccessful 1996 Snodgrass NEPA Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
The 2009 Pre-NEPA process which led to rejection of the June 2009 Snodgrass proposal

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