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Pre-NEPA rationale in "So What's With Snodgrass"
In a 1/13/05 Gunnison Times article titled, "So, what’s with Snodgrass?”, John Norton, CBMR ex-president and then-Consultant wrote:

“The Forest Service has a new way of doing things, one that’s probably better than the old way: they’ve become unwilling to study bad plans from ski areas.

"Here’s how it used to work. Ski areas submitted master plans to the USFS, some of which were pretty good and some of which were pretty bad… More than infrequently, the USFS’ willingness to accept bad plans for study led to disruption in the life of a local community, years of wasted work and wasted resources, and a shaken partnership with the ski area…

"So the USFS said, ‘enough.’ We will accept no more plans into the public process that are Dead On Arrival. We will not waste time and resources on bad plans…

"The ski area and the Forest Service are doing a lot of homework right now to answer…questions, and until such time as the USFS deems a plan legitimate (important: 'legitimate' shouldn’t be confused with 'approved' - at least two years and an intense NEPA process separate the two words), whatever plans might come forward will never see the light of day.”

Read the whole article here.

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