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Pre-NEPA explained by Charlie Richmond, USFS GMUG Supervisor, and welcomes citizen comment
A 1/6/2006 Crested Butte News interview with GMUG Forest Supervisor Charlie Richmond:

…according to Richmond "The Forest Service has learned that with ski area expansion, it's really important to address the main issues before you get into the NEPA phase" …explaining that too many times a ski area comes up with a proposal and the Forest Service takes it into the NEPA phase, where it gets stalled. "We could get caught into the NEPA process for several years. Then it's sort of a losing proposition for all the parties involved." With the Snodgrass expansion, Richmond says, the Forest Service is trying to get most of the real issues that could affect the expansion addressed before the process gets started … Richmond encourages the public to make specific comments on all matters the Forest Service is currently working on" … although cautioning that, "Your comments do matter, but it's not a vote."

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