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1996 Snodgrass NEPA Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Gunnison County has previous experience with the "losing proposition" of a "stalled" NEPA process. In 1994 a Snodgrass expansion EIS was begun that required substantial expenditure of resources by the USFS and by CBMR. In addition, a Coordinated Review Process (CRP) was initiated which included the USFS, Army Corps of Engineers, Colorado DOW, Colorado Division of Water Quality, Gunnison County, Crested Butte, Mt Crested Butte, High Country Citizens' Alliance and CBMR. The CRP met monthly during the 1995-1996 period but ended when CBMR opted to terminate their application. The termination occurred after CBMR was notified by then-GMUG Supervisor Robert Storch that the EIS process was uncovering “substantial issues”, which“could in fact lead to partial or even complete denial of authorization to develop Snodgrass.” The expenditure of hundreds of people-hours during the aborted CRP, EIS and 1041 Review exemplified the waste of limited public and private resources that occurs when a non-viable project is prematurely accepted into NEPA.

In response to Mr. Storch's 4/25/96 letter, Edward Callaway, then-CBMR president, assured the Forest Service, "The resort will continue to refocus on the existing ski area and improve it in such a way that the Snodgrass expansion may not be necessary."

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