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• CBMR 2009 Master Development Plan: Page 1, Page 2
• CBMR 2009 Snodgrass Mountain Proposal: Proposal Letter, Attachment 1, Attachment 2, Maps
United States Forest Service Documents
National Ski Industry Data
Colorado Ski Industry Data
Empirical/Statistical Data and Research
News Articles
Other Items

USFS Documents
USFS Appeal Final Decision (5/6/10)
USFS Rejects CBMR's proposal to develop lift-served skiing on Snodgrass Mountain (11/5/09)
USFS Q&A: Review Process Q&A for MDP & Snodgrass Expansion Proposal (7/23/09)
USGS Geology Report, January 2009
Review of Recent Slope Stability Studies at Snodgrass Mountain, Colorado
USFS Geologic Information Letter, January 2009
Charlie Richmond (USFS) to Tim Mueller (CBMR)
USFS Geology Report, October 2006
Snodgrass Mountain Geologic Hazards and Assessment of Potential Effects of Ski Area Development on Slope Stability
USFS letter from Robert Storch to Edward Callaway (4/25/96)
Re the analysis end decision process used by the Forest Service for development proposals at Crested Butte Mountain Resort
East Mountain exclusion map
West Mountain exclusion map
National Ski Industry Data
NSAA Skier Visits, 1978/79-2008/09
NSAA Slow Growth Projection, Rocky Mountain Region
NSAA Skier Participants, 1998-07
NSAA Snowboard Participants, 1998-07
Colorado Ski Industry Data
Skier visits at Colorado ski areas: 98/99 through 08/09 Ski Seasons (Colorado Ski Country USA)
Resort Statistics: Colorado Ski Country USA member resorts
Colorado Resort Terrain Growth, Colorado Ski Country USA Media Guide
Skier Visits, 1993-2004
Skier Visits, 1984-1994
Empirical/Statistical Data and Research
Snodgrass Terrain Evaluation: Claims vs. Reality (November 2009)
Pre-NEPA information (November 2009)
Mears/Hartman Avalanche Study (August 2005)
News Articles
Life without Snodgrass: Possible or perilous? (Gunnison Country Times, 5/13/10)
Crested Butte ski resort loses appeal on expansion proposal (The Denver Post, 5/11/10)
Forest Service decision on ski areas is understandable (The Denver Post, 3/21/10)
Ski area's setback sends chills (The Denver Post, 3/16/10)
Forest Service wants expansions to reflect demand (The Denver Post, 3/14/10)
Excerpts from GMUG National Forest Snodgrass Responsive Statement (3/2/10)
Town of CB sends letter of neutrality to USFS (2/3/10)
Snodgrass appeal timeline; April or May before Peña decision (1/27/10)
CBMR's Snodgrass appeal passed on to California deputy forester (1/20/10)
Crowd of 250 fills Jerry's Gym (CB News, 12/22/09)
Prominent Colorado nature photographer John Fielder expresses his support (12/31/09)
San Miguel Board of County Commissioners support the USFS decision (12/19/09)
OUT THERE: Crested Butte says ski resorts can't survive without the blues (Colorado Springs The Gazette at, 12/9/09)
Colorado Ski Country USA will assist CBMR (Aspen Times, 12/9/09)
Politicians Join in Over Snodgrass Controversy (CB News, 12/9/09)
FOSM News Release (12/1/09)
People Playing Hardball (CB News, 11/18/09)
Federal Appeals Court Upholds Roadless Area Protections (8/5/09)
Slump Mutes Call of the Wild (WSJ, 7/29/09)
War (CB News, 4/23/09)
Snodgrass Turning Devisive (CB News, 4/23/08)
Distinctive Destinations '08 (Denver Post, 3/30/08)
Muellers Sell Ski Area, Retain 40-year Lease (CB News, 12/10/08)
Where Research and Tourism Collide by Michele Nijhuis (New York Times, 7/22/08)
Colorado resort shelves ski expansion (High County News, 9/30/96)
USFS letter from GMUG Forest Supervisor Robert Storch to Edward Callaway (4/25/96)
Other Items
A ski town divided over its future (Colorado Spring The Gazette at, 12/5/09)
Senator Mark Udall's letter to the USFS (11/30/09)
Counterpoint: Snodgrass opponent says expansion won't "bail us out of our economic woes" (Westword, 11/30/09) (Chuck "Nash" is Chuck Shaw; journalist error)
Forest Service’s Charlie Richmond well aware of Snodgrass outcry (CB News, 11/25/09)
Mayor says Snodgrass expansion controversy in Crested Butte "not over" (Westword, 11/25/09)
USDA Secretary Vilsack's Speech on the New Direction and Vision for America's Forests" (August 2009)
Non-Residential Property Option Agreement between CBMR and CNL, Section 5a (December 2008)
Call for Cost/Benefit Analysis

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