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We are not mute in the Butte
This battle for Snodgrass Mountain is about more than just development of another mountain or the real estate profits that only a few stand to gain. This concerns the soul of a small place in the Colorado Rockies named Crested Butte, a spunky little town whose Town Council voted 6-to-1 in opposition to the expansion proposal, where residents spoke passionately about preserving the mountain in its current state. We continue to believe that Snodgrass Mountain is more valuable to our community by all measures: economic, environmental, recreational and social. If you agree, we need your voice now.
Let's let the Forest Service know we are not mute!
We are writing to ask YOU to write to the Forest Service one more time before they make their decision whether or not to accept the proposal. We’re suggesting two ways you can do this:
1) Steward: Type your own email to Charlie Richmond of the Forest Service. You can find talking points and inspirational photos through our site to get you informed and pumped up! We included our address on the email in order to keep track of how many people contact Charlie. We will not use your letter for any purpose other than tracking. If you do not wish us to receive a copy, please remove our address from the "cc:" field. And if we thought we'd like to quote your letter, we will contact you for permission.
2) Defender: While thoughtful e-mails can be helpful in swaying the agency, nothing works like a flood of actual letters sent through the U.S. Mail! To be a Defender of Snodgrass, just email us your mailing address, and we’ll send you a packet of information and supplies for writing to the Forest Service. Perhaps you'd even like to invite 5 friends to a letter-writing party! If we can generate hundreds of letters to the Forest Service - individual, thoughtful, heartfelt letters - then we can turn the tide.
3) Super Defender: Write a letter to Charlie Richmond yourself. His address is on this page.
Get Inspired!
See what other Friends are saying.
Don’t be mute!
Tell the Forest Service WHY Snodgrass is valuable to you!
Thank you to all our Friends!

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