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Unified Voices
High Country Citizens' Alliance
Since 1977, High Country Citizens' Alliance has been at work protecting the extraordinary natural areas of the Upper Gunnison River Basin. Conservation is at the root of all they do. Facing challenges large and small, they believe that integrity and cooperation are their best tools. This approach has enabled them to resolve many difficult issues over the years. Today, their programs range from preservation of our national forests, rangelands and water resources to land use planning and fostering sustainable communities.
Rocky Mountain Wild
Skiing in Colorado, while an appropriate (and fun!) use of our National Forests, can threaten the forests, rivers, and our mountains’ magnificent beauty − often the very attributes that drew us here in the first place. With skier numbers stagnant nationally for over two decades, some ski companies continue to greatly expand terrain simply to retain “market share” over other ski areas also in our National Forests – destroying wetlands, old-growth, and pristine mountain valleys in the process.  Driven by the lure of real estate development profits, many resorts also over-develop exclusive ski-in/ski-out homes, further destroying Colorado’s natural beauty and harming crucial lynx, bear, elk, and deer migration corridors.

As the founder and nationwide leader of the nationwide Ski Area Citizens’ Coalition, Rocky Mountain Wild is the only group working state-wide to curb environmentally harmful or real estate driven ski area expansions.  With our partner organizations throughout the western U.S., we grade ski resorts each year on their environmental friendliness with the Ski Area Environmental Scorecard – a widely acclaimed, user friendly tool thousands of skiers use to make a real difference.
Town of Crested Butte
In May 2008, the Town Council of Crested Butte submitted a letter to the USFS with the following comments: "We find that too many of the people of the Town of Crested Butte, many people in the Upper East River Valley, and many people in Gunnison County, do not want lift served skiing expanded onto Snodgrass Mountain.  Therefore, the majority of the Town Council finds there is not enough community support for this project.

“We ask that the Forest Service help Crested Butte become an environmental leader.  Help Crested Butte and the Gunnison National Forest become the place that everyone else tries to emulate.  There are alternatives for ski areas to lead the path in environmental stewardship. We feel this could be an opportunity for the Forest Service to be an inspiration and a leader by using public land for something other than private fiscal speculation by a few people."

On February 3, 2010, the Town Council approved a letter to be sent to Forest Supervisor Charlie Richmond about the current Snodgrass issue. The letter states that the current council has not taken a formal position on CBMR's Master Development Plan or its lift-served skiing development proposal. Click here to read the letter.
Colorado Environmental Coalition
Colorado Environmental Coalition unites Coloradans to protect our natural heritage and quality of life. Every year, the Coalition mobilizes scores of organizations and hundreds of individuals who, like you, care deeply about Colorado. From soccer moms to steelworkers, from students to ranchers, from commuters to backpackers enjoying the world-famous Rocky Mountains, the Coalition's membership is as diverse as our state.
Link to CEC's Snodgrass comment page
Letter from the Colorado Conservation Community (12/9/09)

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