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"To me Snodgrass represents a metaphor for this wonderful planet we live in but that we are running to the ground at a great pace."
- CB Resident

"I Believe...", a testimony

May 2010--The GMUG Forest Service determined last November that Snodgrass Mountain is “fundamentally unsuitable” for lift-served skiing and that there is widespread public support for protecting the environment and current recreational uses of Snodgrass. At the request of Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell, Deputy Regional Forester Jim Peña reviewed the decision and affirmed it, concluding that the GMUG conducted a thorough and legal analysis that adhered to USFS procedures.

While Snodgrass is unsuitable for ski area expansion, the USFS notes that: “There are a number of significant projects involving the development of intermediate terrain [on Crested Butte Mountain] that CBMR has chosen to defer…Had CBMR implemented all projects already approved on the existing mountain, visitation trends may not [have declined]…Expanding onto a fundamentally unsuitable mountain may not be the answer…Investment in the product of the existing mountain may lead to more immediate return in terms of stated need."

Friends of Snodgrass Mountain encourages CBMR to re-focus their efforts and commit their resources to implementing the previously approved expansions and upgrades to their existing ski area. We thank everyone who spoke up to protect a beloved mountain in our National Forest.

THANK YOU to everyone who has written or called in support of the Forest Service decision to keep Snodgrass Mountain lift-free! The Forest Service says that reactions to their decision only confirm their November 2009 conclusion: the Crested Butte community is divided. Aside from public reaction, Snodgrass Mountain is unsuitable for lift-served skiing. Risks from unstable geology and avalanches, the 45 minute trip from the existing mountain and the amount of environmental destruction that would have been necessary to eke out a few acres of intermediate skiing all contributed to the rejection of the proposed plan. The same obstacles were uncovered in the 1996 NEPA EIS, and they would surface in a new EIS. None of these mountain facts will change. We appreciate the support of folks who continue to write letters to state and federal officials, local politicians and the folks in Delta.

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Write today to show your support of the USFS Decision to reject the Snodgrass Proposal
We sincerely appreciate the decision by the US Forest Service to reject a proposal to put lifts on Snodgrass Mountain! We ask that you send a letter or email of support to appropriate personnel to let them know you support the USFS decision. Click here for addresses. And remember, you don't have to be an "official" Friend to show your support!

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To protect and preserve the biodiversity and social significance of a lift-free Snodgrass Mountain in Crested Butte, Colorado. Read the full mission.

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